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PNW Components and Yoann Barelli: Into the Gnar

The latest addition to the PNW Components Squad is not other than Yoann Barelli:  one of the most popual and charismatic riders in the world. He resides in beautiful British Columbia, focused on family, coachin mountain biking adn creating insane content such as the "Into The Gnar" episodes. With his drive to educate the industry, both riders and companies alike, about the importance of environmentally friendly practices, Yoann is the perfect partner for PNW. 

This episode of "Into the Gnar",  takes us down Hueso, a double black diamond trail in Squamish, B.C. that's loaded with technical features. With the help of local freeride pro and fellow Frenchman, Remy Metallier, Yoann teaches us the finer points of riding rock slabs, tackling features for the first time, and the secret to keeping your energy up while on the trails. Spoiler alert, it's candy. 

Do not miss it! 

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