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  • Pivot Firebird: the enduro weapon

      The new Pivot Firebird it's definitely a bike made to satisfy the appetite of the most demanding enduro riders. With a  size-specific geometry,...
  • POC Tectal helmet review

    POC Protections makes excellent products that we love to use. They fit well, are robust but light, amazingly designed and of course, they give a lot of protection and safety to our rides.
  • Transition Spire Pinkbike's review

    Pinkbike has tested the Transition Spire as part of their Summer Field test and the conclusions cannot be better.


  • New Evil Loopholes carbon wheels

    Evil Bike Co. has launched a new wheelset called Loopholes. The rim is made from CSS Composites' FusionFiber, which uses long-chain polymers inst...
  • Transition Spur X01 review

    Magic of the Spur is not how well it goes down, it’s that even with all that downhill prowess, it still manages to be an exceptionally efficient climber. The new Transition Spur reviewed by Beta MTB.
  • Bellingham Beta MTB tests

    El equipo de Beta MTB nos explica todo sobre su mega test en Bellingham, WA.
  • The new Evil Insurgent MX: a weapon for tackling elusive moves.

    The evolution of an iconic model in Evil Bikes range, the Insurgent comes with a complete new frame. Will it satisfy demanding reviewers such as Freehub?
  • Transition Spire: the ultimate Enduro bike?

    Transition Spire: an ultra capable long gravel bike that prioritizes stability at high speeds and down steep terrain.
  • A complete new Transition Patrol

      With mixed wheel sizes and updated geometry, the new Transition Bikes Patrol is ready to rumble. With the launch of their heavily revised Patrol...
  • Best Dropper Seat posts

    In this article, MTBR features the best dropper seatposts in the market, being the PNW Components Loam and OneUp Dropper V2 at the top.    Regardi...
  • Evil Offering V2: Bike of the year Beta MTB

    Beta MTB has chosen the Evil Offering V2 as the bike of the year. Find out why!
  • EXT ERA fork tech details

    All the technical details of the EXT Era fork in this video.