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The best 27.5 enduro bikes in the world?

Here at Secret Spot , we are proud to sell probably the best bikes in the world. We are not conformists and always search for the best products in our shop. 

The new category of mullet or mixed wheels in enduro bikes have created extremely playful and capable bikes that delight those riders taking their riding to a more freeride / fun / slopestyle approach. 

Transition Patrol Carbon

Transition Bikes has just released the new Patrol Carbon. The carbon version of the popular Patrol Alloy, while Evil Bikes has a renewed Insurgent in their line up. Both bikes share similar numbers in terms of head angle, effective seat tube angle and reach. But the difference comes in chain stays length. While the Patrol goes to 442mm, the Evil Insurgent stays in 432mm. This will make the Patrol a more "DH" feeling while the Insurgent will delight riders looking for an extremely playful machine, with the sacrifice of loosing some stability. We should not forget that the Evil Insurgent it's one of the few bikes in this segment that can be used as a total 27.5 machine. 


Evil Insurgent MX


Both bikes can be considered in the top of the MX Enduro bikes. Probably the best in their category?



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