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  • Pivot Trail 429, a master piece?

    The Freehub magazine's staff got impressed with the new Pivot Trail 429. Find out why!
  • Evil Loopholes Wheels review

    The new Evil Loopholes wheels are a high performing and reliable option in the carbon wheels arena, impressing media all around the globe. The Free...
  • Transition Spire Alloy review

     The Transition Spire Alloy is Transition Bikes' response to the super enduro category with budget in mind. It is an extremely efficient beast wit...
  • Transition Patrol Deore review

    Check why the Beta Mtb crew states that "The new Transition Patrol it's remarkably sure of itself, and nothing feels out of place"
  • Industry Nine at Secret Spot Cyclery

    Industry Nine and its beautiful handmade high performance wheels are coming to Secret Spot Cyclery
  • Revel Ranger review

    The Revel Ranger it's a gorgeous and efficient XC/Trail bike. One of the best bikes in its category, coming from a fresh new brand that believes in...
  • Transition Spur: Mike Kazimer's personal bike

    The Transition Spur it's considered one of the best bikes at the moment and PInkbike's Mike Kazimer's weapon of choice as a do it all bike. Read here why!
  • Evil Wreckoning Enduro bike review

    The new Evil Wreckoning with a quick-handling and quick-climbing, it’s the perfect daily driver as long as the road is rough enough.
  • Pivot Firebird: the enduro weapon

      The new Pivot Firebird it's definitely a bike made to satisfy the appetite of the most demanding enduro riders. With a  size-specific geometry,...
  • POC Tectal helmet review

    POC Protections makes excellent products that we love to use. They fit well, are robust but light, amazingly designed and of course, they give a lot of protection and safety to our rides.
  • Transition Spire Pinkbike's review

    Pinkbike has tested the Transition Spire as part of their Summer Field test and the conclusions cannot be better.


  • New Evil Loopholes carbon wheels

    Evil Bike Co. has launched a new wheelset called Loopholes. The rim is made from CSS Composites' FusionFiber, which uses long-chain polymers inst...