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Transition Relay Ebike: the do it all ebike!


There is not much info yet about the new Transition Relay, the materialization of Transition Bike ' s  goal to have a mountain bike and an ebike in a single product, a bike that can provide both experiences without compromise.

The Transition Relay frame allows for 160 and 170mm travel, is compatible with dual 29 or mixed wheels, utilizes Transition ' s  renowned SBG geometry, and is equipped with the impressive Fazua Ride60 system paired with a 430 Wh battery. “The mountain biker’s eBike”, is what they’re calling it, suggesting that the Transition Relay will deliver the best of both worlds; the motor assist of an eMTB, and the handling of a regular enduro bike.

The new Fazua Ride 60 system, it's a much smaller motor than a Shimano EP8 for instance, and delivers a maximum torque of just 60 Nm. A smaller, lighter motor, coupled with a smaller, lighter battery with a 430 Wh capacity, has resulted in an eBike they claim has almost the same range as the Transition Repeater

Of course, that battery is removable so riders will be able to drop its (claimed) 2.3kg if and when they feel they have the legs to go unassisted.

We don’t have any geometry figures to share. All we know is that the Transition Relay will be able to run 160mm or 170mm of rear wheel travel with a complete 29″ or a mullet wheelset. In the video, Hannah Bergemann is riding an aluminum frame, while Lars Sternberg is on what looks to be a full carbon frame; we can confirm that both will be available come next Spring, as Transition say they want to make the bike accessible as possible.

How much will it weight? Well, Transition hasn’t furnished us with any weight information yet, but we’ve done a little guesswork. The Shimano EP8 system with 630 Wh battery seen on the Transition Repeater weighs around 6.3 kg. That’s 2.1 kg heavier than the Fazua system seen here on the Relay. Despite its size and intentions, the Repeater is actually pretty lightweight, weighing a claimed 22.3 kg (49.1 lbs) in a size medium. Thus, we hypothesize (wildly) that the Transition Relay will weigh a maximum of ~20 kg in its top-end model. With the smaller downtube and smaller motor housing, it may even come in well under that. We shall have to wait and see!

There is not much more info yet , but we are super excited to share more about the  Transition Relay and its story in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled for chapter two this fall. Full product details and bikes available to purchase in spring of 2023!

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